Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

After the crises in the World economy’s, the most significant achievent of business models for sustainable competitiveness is the emergence of new cooperations.

Business World would have very important opportunaties, today’s co-operation and clustering activities along with developing liberal economic flow started during 80s.

Today, the strategic element of the global economy and the most important ways a real enrichment of countries is to achieve a sustainable process, to improve the efficiency of production and export capacity of SMEs, to put forward cluster based competitive strategies, in order to improve the quantity and quality of the number of international companies. In this context, it is very important to develope realistic and applicable action plans and targets to gain a vision to the real sector.

In this regard, I would like to express my care about ‘’SME Networking and Clustering Project’’ and also clustering strategy prepared under this Project which is conducted by MoE and our Chamber is the partner of the Project.

In the past, providing subsistence agriculture and crafts, started to industrialize in the 80s, Kahramanmaras is become one of the strategic cities. and to reach very important and influence position with industrial production and energy. Kahramanmaras, with each passing day, has grown four-fold last 10 years.

Kahramanmaras has become the leader of textile and metal cookware industries in whole Turkey.

When we look at the exports of the last three years, the share of the metal kitchenware industry, which exports $ 107 million in 2017, $ 127 million in 2018 and $ 129 million in 2019, is 12,6 compared to the average of the last three years.

In the next phase; Kahramanmaras is being targeted 5 billion USD export capacity in a yearly base. I belive that at least 20% of 5 billion USD will be realized by metal cook ware sector. This vision will shed light on the future of this precious sector.